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Luminox 3051 blackout review

I have an active way of life which is scuba diving and I'm not so fond of fancy chronograph dress-watches with hands directing everywhere. When I require to look at my observe I wish to see what time it is (or date) with out having to invest time interpreting the info. Right now I'll overview about one of my favourite watch which is Luminox Men's 3051 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark watch.

Before this, I'm a huge fan of Timex line of watches, but have often longed for 1 from the Luminox watches. Following seeing the Luminox Men's 3051 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark line, I cannot resist any longer to attend. Luminox 3051 observe is huge, however it is gentle in weight. If you're accustomed towards the weight and size of Timex watches like Timex Men's T41711, this look at will not be anything that requires you to regulate to.

The Luminox 3051's band is in black color and created of rubber Polyurethane . It is also flexible and comfortable to wear. The north strap features a Luminox logo molded in. The clasp is stainless steel, includes a placed Luminox emblem, and has double tangs of stainless steel. I could have watches with far more bells and whistles or flashier gown watches, but this 1 combines ruggedness, funtionality and simplicity with beauty.

The luminous quality from the Luminox 3051' dial and palms wins outright in contrast towards the mild activated paint on the Timex and other people. Numbers on look at face and bezel are highly conrasting and very easily read. The tritium 5-minute marker vials are BLUE, the 2nd hand marker vial is Glowing blue, with Green vials on the hour/minute fingers, a GREEN vial on the 12 hour marker and a small GREEN bezel marker. A quick look is all that is required to tell what time it's. All markings are stand out white.The faceplate of Luminox 3051 is made from mineral crystal is rather clear, but it sure would be good if the view had the tougher sapphire crystal, I wouldn't mind to pay much more.

My Luminox 3051 is great.Althought, the physique is created of plastic, but it is really tough.I've banged the view in opposition to partitions and there's no scratches at all. This look at is good sufficient that I wore it with my fit to an interview but in addition wear it about and also to present off to my buddy. You should get the Luminox 3051 too since it is actually good observe. Most effective bang for your money.

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