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Electro Voice UW30 30 Watt Underwater Speaker with 50 Cable Single Pool Blue
Electro Voice UW30 30 Watt Underwater Speaker with 50 Cable Single Pool Blue
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Five Smart Tips On How You Can Enjoy Music While On The Water

In order to listen to music while swimming, protect your music player with a waterproof case, purchase an Underwater Music Player, have speakers that are waterproof and wireless, buy bone conduction sound equipment, or consider installing an underwater sound system.

Music and water need not clash when it comes to relaxation and fun. Here are some ways to help you listen to music while you are swimming:

Protect your music player with a waterproof case

You need not get yourself a new gadget if you want to listen to music while swimming. You can buy a waterproof case for your music player so you can still use it even in the water. There are items like waterproof ipod cases and cases for other MP3 models available which you can use for your music player; there are also waterproof headphones that you can use.

Buy an MP3 player that works underwater

You can purchase MP3 players that are intended for use in the water if you prefer not to use a waterproof case for your current music player. With these music players, you don't have to worry about accidents or leaks in your waterproof case that might cause your MP3 player to break.

Use bone conduction earphones or music players

Earphones, which are waterproof, don't necessarily give the best sound quality or comfort while in the water. Standard earphones transmit sound through airwaves, and this is not ideal when you are underwater. Headphones that operate through bone conduction will give you better sound when you are swimming. However, you'll need goggles for these headphones to function. By clipping on to both sides of your goggles, they are attached to your facial bone and not on the ears. These earphones do not conduct vibrations through your ear canal, but through the bone to your inner ear. Bone conduction headphones can often be bought with a waterproof music player, or they can be purchased separately with a waterproof casing that you can attach to your music player.

Use speakers that are waterproof and wireless

This option is ideal if you do not want anything on your ears or on your face. This is also a great idea for group swimming activities because all the swimmers can enjoy the music. Vast models of music players like the iPod or Zune are compatible with these wireless and waterproof speakers. These wireless speakers work using a transmitter that broadcasts music from your MP3 player to your speaker. Not only will everyone enjoy the great music in the pool, but your MP3 player will also be kept safe and dry away from the water.

Install in your swimming pool a sound system that plays underwater

If you are really fond of listening to music while relaxing in and around your own pool, you may install a sound system with a centralized music system underwater and out of the pool. Waterproof speakers will be placed at the bottom of the pool, as well as at the surrounding areas of the pool. You can continuously listen to great music while swimming and as soon as you get out of the water.

With these smart ideas, swimming is made more enjoyable and relaxing. Your pool time will always be fun and satisfying with the music following you everywhere, even if you are under water.

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Ever swam in a pool w/ underwater speakers?

Thumbs up if u 1) own such luxuries or 2) remember the music & song playing while in the blue.
That's quite interesting, Matt! I do have 2 remember that synchronized swimmers would perhaps use underwater speakers in order 2 get the choreography right. So I no that that group of swimmers wood consider such speakers essential.
I should probably mention that I think I herd that the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, NV has a pool w/ underwater speakers. I wood love 2 book a room @ that place 2 c 4 myself.

no but that would be so cool you have no idea but it would probably have a blurry sound type thing if you know what i mean

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